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A Logo for the Global Diaspora - Call for Design Submissions

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Simplified Chinese (中文翻译, Russian (русский перевод) and French (en français) translated versions of this campaign are available at the end of this post.

We need your help to redesign our logo in a way that demonstrates the positive values and challenges of the global diaspora. Please note that the final submission deadline is Monday 31 October 2022.

We need your help

GDC's current logo, with the slogan.

Our current emblem, as you can see above, has a circle, three words (Global Diaspora Confederation) and a slogan (Connecting the World's Diaspora Organizations). With your help we wish to rethink the circle part of our logo.

We would like to invite you to share one or two logo designs with us. The drawing can be either done by hand, colored on paper, sketched on computer or described in a few sentences (telling us which shapes to include and why).

Then, our select committee will review the submissions, select the design(s) and graphically transform them into the official GDC logo.

In this competition we are looking for visual attractiveness, but you should also clearly present the meaning behind the design: the new logo should represent why GDC exists.

Our Vision

So, why does GDC exist? The Global Diaspora Confederation aspires to build an inclusive movement where all Diaspora Organizations can be supported, belong, discover and realize their ambitions in order to achieve peace, unity and social and economic progress for all.

We bring together diaspora organizations around the world

GDC supports communities within the global diaspora, which refers to migrants or descendants of migrants who have left their country of origin. Among the 281 million diasporas in the world, there is a large vulnerable population who have been forced to leave their country; many have become refugees whose basic needs have been neglected.

While there are now over 200,000 Diaspora Organizations, these structures only benefit communities at a local level. There is no civil society organization to support them especially the vulnerable groups globally.

GDC was created to promote global solidarity, which is especially important as the Covid-19 pandemic began to discriminate and separate people from each other. We have achieved great success over the past two years: we have convened with 230 Diaspora Organizations to issue a joint global statement against xenophobia; established the Global Diaspora Academy; organized the first Global Diaspora Week; contributed to the first World Diaspora Summit and advocated for Diaspora Organizations at the first International Conference on Migration Review Forum at United Nations Headquarters.

What are we looking for in a design?

With the above values and history of GDC in mind, how can you translate our vision into a new design?

Below is a list of suggestions:

  • Present a strong image and a desire to build trust

  • Present a unique, impactful and easily understandable design

  • Demonstrate the values and different types of diasporas (migrants, descendants of migrants, refugees, international students, expatriates, etc.)

  • Use a significant amount of colors

  • Display a sense of solidarity, global connections and bringing people together

  • Present a design which fits into a circular emblem (but the design can also have other shapes)

  • Present a design that is relevant to humanitarian aid to the diaspora

  • Display an authentic story behind the design

  • Present what GDC is doing – advocacy (responding to needs), partnership (working with stakeholders), coordination (making connections effective) and capacity building (learning and empowering through knowledge)

How will I know if my design is selected?

Once you have submitted your design (our preference is a PDF, JPEG or PNG file), we will review it and make a decision.

We will announce the winner(s) on all GDC social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) on 18 December 2022, which is International Migrants Day and our World Diaspora Assembly, an event where many Diaspora Organisations will be in attendance to discuss GDC's progress this past year.

How do I submit my design(s)?

Please submit your design(s) by 31 October 2022 (World Cities Day) (we no longer accept submission).

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

As the winner(s) you will...

  • Be invited to our next virtual Global Diaspora Assembly as a special guest to receive our thanks

  • Receive the official logo in a frame with a signed certificate of appreciation and a small souvenir that we will prepare and post to you (an e-mail address will be required to contact you with your consent)

  • Be informed by us when we have written to your local authority and affiliated institution (only with your consent) that we acknowledge your generous contribution

  • Have a virtual tea break with our senior management to enable us to also meet you and thank you virtually in person (if you prefer)

  • Be acknowledged when we introduce the logo concept

  • Be invited to future GDC events

How many winners will you have?

We have not fixed the number of winners, though there could be more than one.

What if my design is not selected?

We take a lot of effort in making sure we find the right logo. Though not all designs will be used, we are hoping to organize a mini virtual exhibition where shortlisted logo designs may be displayed later the year. For the rest of the designs, due to time constraints, unfortunately we could not reply individually.

Who owns the copyright?

As your design will not be 100% used for our final official logo, by submitting your design to us, you will be happy for GDC to own all intellectual properties. This is really for the benefit of future work we carry out for the global diaspora. Thank you indeed for your kind understanding.

Am I eligible to participate in this opportunity?

Anyone can participate, we are looking for the authentic story behind your design, more than the beauty of it.

Thank you and good luck!

Thank you very much for your kind support. Please share this exciting opportunity with your networks, as the concept of the diaspora is appreciated in many different ways.

We look forward to receiving your unique design(s) soon!

To learn more about GDC, please visit our website or our social networks: @GDComeTogether.

Translated Versions:

标志设计 - 中文翻译 (Simplified Chinese):

世界侨团总会 - 会徽标志设计
Download PDF • 1.20MB

русский перевод (Russian):

Прием заявок на участие в кампании по разработке логотипа Глобальной Конфедерации Диаспор
Download • 257KB

Campagne de logo: traduction française (French):

Campagne de logo_ traduction française.docx (1)
Download PDF • 192KB

Some guides to logo design:

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