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There are over 200,000 Diaspora Organizations running across the world.

Shaping the global sector of diaspora organizations

Ever since human migration began, diasporas were born. They scattered across the world and gradually came together to organize themselves into groups. Today, we at GDC call these organized groups Diaspora Organizations, or in short, DO.
GDC is the umbrella-led civil society organization for DOs, aspiring to help build a global sector for diaspora organizations across the world.
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Make your communities' voice heard

The nature of DOs focused very much on their own diaspora and local communities that do not immediately enable them to work together. This is why GDC was born to combine efforts of DOs when Covid-19 pandemic tried to separate us. We aim to raise the global awareness of such critical and often overseen civil society contributors not only for community cohesion, but also global solidarity, economic and social advancement for all.
''Diaspora Organizations are an asset to the world. They are built by and for diaspora communities to create sustainable impact for peoples of their places of destination and origin and more.''

Empowering the global DO community

At GDC, we empower GDC members through advocacy, partnership, capacity building and coordination. We support you in the following ways:
  • We advocate and facilitate representations for diaspora organizations at the global level
  • We promote the celebrate achievements and contributions made by diaspora organizations.
  • We organize events and build platforms to connect diaspora organizations with stakeholders and partners
  • We support diaspora leaders, supporters and stakeholders to develop skills, ideas, tools and insights to create sustainable impact.
  • We connect the whole diaspora organization sector and coordinate diaspora organizations across the world.

Connecting the world's diaspora organization leaders


The GDC works with a full range of Diaspora Organizations. We know doing good for diasporas is a journey that is worth supporting. A successful Diaspora Organization has endless potential to achieve and make a difference. 


It is rewarding but hard work to run a Diaspora Organization. With limited financial and human resources, sustaining and growing it is already challenging enough. Finding the right successors is even more difficult.

DO leaders are often equipped with multicultural experience, language skills, aspirations to help community, entrepreneurial spirits, transnational networks and more. Most importantly, they have a kind heart and devote time and efforts for diasporas, homelands and local communities.

Find out how
GDC Membership can connect you to a thriving community of DO leaders.

The GDC is our partner on the journey of Diaspora Organization.

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