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How we started

We started when Covid-19 pandemic tried to isolate us from each other

We came together when so many diasporas needed to be heard


The vulnerable and marginalized elements of our societies, especially diasporas and migrants, are often the most affected sections during global emergencies.

The concept of needing a diaspora-led civil society organization to help bring together efforts and voices of Diaspora Organizations to further support them was initiated in April 2020 after the first Global Virtual Diaspora Exchange on Response to Covid-19, opened by the Director-General of UN International Organization for Migration (IOM).

This led to the founding of Global Diaspora Confederation in July 2020, after it convened 231 Diaspora Organizations from over 100 countries to issue a joint statement in solidarity with diaspora communities across the world who had been disproportionately affected by the pandemic and experienced a rise in xenophobia caused by it.

The GDC has since been progressing significantly with its plans to expand its network, to facilitate stronger collaborations with diaspora partners to mobilize resources and to launch a platform for global online consultations with Diaspora Organizations across the world.

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