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Connecting, representing and empowering Diaspora Organizations at the global level

Begin your journey with the GDC

GDC is now calling for Regular and Associate Memberships.


You can progress towards next membership grade when you meet the criteria. As Senior Membership will only be opened to application after two years at GDC, we encourage you to apply sooner if interested.

Every quarter, newly applied Diaspora Organizations will be elected at the GDC Membership Committee Meeting. Member DOs that joined in the year will be announced at the annual Global Diaspora Assembly.

There is no membership fee to join the Regular and Associate Memberships.

Please note, Gmail may be required for completing the Membership Application Form,

''The more connected we are,

the stronger our diaspora organizations''

The four types of membership are outlined below

Learn more about each member grade here


Foundation of the Sector

For unincorporated DOs

Apply now


Pillar of the Sector

For incorporated DOs

Apply now


Senior Member (2024)

Coordinator of the Sector

Progression towards elected Fellowship


Fellowship (2025)

Guardian of the Sector

Progression towards GDC 21, GDC 100 and Senior Fellowship

Become a member

Get started to take your diasporic impact to the next level here

Some Benefits for ​Regular and Associate Membership

  • Represent and advocate for your diaspora community at a world's stage

  • Invitation to Global Diaspora Week and Global Diaspora General Assembly

  • Opportunity to participate in GDC high-level consultation committee meetings, working groups, and exclusive events

  • Enter GDAwards and Recognition Programs

  • Stay tuned for DO sector insights, funding and investment opportunities, and updates for your Diaspora Organization.

  • Showcase and record your inspiring work for diasporas.

  • Expand your professional network in the global DO sector, intergovernmental and public sector

  • Grow your Diaspora Organization by upskilling your team and peer sharing

  • Chance to become GDC Fellows and Senior Members and represent GDC across the world

  • Enroll in GDC Academy Programmes for diaspora leadership programs, training in humanitarian assistance, peer to peer exchange, mentorship program and more.

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