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Welcome to the
Global Diaspora Confederation

The world's largest diaspora-led organization for Diaspora Organizations

See we why care about and promote the importance of Diaspora Organizations to the world

We exist to empower Diaspora Organizations for all peoples

The Global Diaspora Confederation (GDC) is a global movement of Diaspora Organizations working towards a world of unity, peace and advancement.

  • We help unify, support, develop and promote Diaspora Organizations across the world through linking with all groups interested in diaspora communities.

  • We aim to be an influential system leader for global diasporas’ interests and to establish, pioneer, and be the authentic voice of a worldwide sector alliance of Diaspora Organizations.

  • We empower Diaspora Organizations to continually create sustainable, collaborative and positive impacts for their communities and societies.

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What we do


How we started


Who we are


Our members

No two Diaspora Organizations are the same


We work with a whole range of Diaspora Organizations, from refugee councils and migrant support centres to alumni professional associations.


Our Vision

GDC aspires to be the world's most united organization by building an inclusive movement where all Diaspora Organizations can be supported, belong to, discover and realize their ambitions in order to achieve peace, unity, and social and economic advancement for all.

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What is diaspora?

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