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Who we are

We are a global community of diaspora organizations with diaspora leaders, partners and supporters who build the future of the global sector of Diaspora Organization

We are a diaspora-led organization for Diaspora Organizations

The Global Diaspora Confederation is a non-governmental organization for Diaspora Organizations.


The GDC has four principal organs - Council, Board of Trustees, Secretariat, and Fellows. All are driven by four principles: diasporic impact oriented, operational excellence, passion for innovation, and long term thinking.

We know very well that running a Diaspora Organization is not an easy journey and it often requires harnessing volunteerism, relying on frugality, and being at the forefront for the diasporas in need. For many centuries, far too many Diaspora Organizations' selfless contributions to humanity were unnoticed with far too limited support and recognitions in them. And yet, there are even more diasporas needing help than Diaspora Organizations can assist. This shapes who we are and the Confederation is determined to make a positive change for all. 

GDC four principal organs


The Council is the guardian of the spirit of the Global Diaspora Confederation and of its vision and long-term objectives. It acts as advisor to the Board and consists of first trustees and successive board chairs.

The Board of Trustees ensures GDC's prosperity by effectively governing, advancing and protecting the Membership Organization to achieve GDC's vision and missions set out in its founding constitution.


Fellowship consists of GDC 21, GDC 100, Senior and Ordinary Fellows, representing and contributing to GDC across six continents. GDC 21 are the most senior regional fellows championing GDC's vision.

The GDC Secretariat, consisting of four departments with 22 teams of staff and volunteers working in global and six continental headquarters to carries out the day to day work of the Organization. 

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