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Our Trustees

We are led by a dedicated, experienced and voluntary board of trustees.
who are champions of GDC's vision and leaders of Diaspora Organization.

Board of Trustees

The Global Diaspora Confederation is governed by the Board of Trustees consisting of leaders of Diaspora Organizations. They monitor the strategic objectives with the help of GDC's board committees. The Secretariat works closely with the trustees to carry out day-to-day running of GDC.


The board can comprise of up to 15 trustees, elected from representatives of GDC21 Fellow Diaspora Organizations. They will have substantial leadership experience in running their Diaspora Organizations, which also represent GDC in six continents championing the Confederation's vision.

In order to become a trustee, the representative of the Diaspora Organization joins as an individual and will be holding a leading role in their Diaspora Organization throughout the period of trusteeship at GDC. The board is currently made up of first trustees who helped establish GDC.

Who are our trustees?

Peter Kwok

Peter Kwok is Chair of Global Diaspora Confederation. He began his diaspora journey when he studied in Edinburgh, Scotland, having lived in a city of China nearer to the equator – Hong Kong.

With a strong passion for contributing more support to diasporas that he had in his childhood, Peter introduced the concept of building a diaspora network of Chinese professionals in Scotland during a speech on his diaspora experience at the Scottish Parliament. As many diaspora professionals began to join the network from all parts of the UK, Peter founded the UK Federation of Chinese Professionals. The broader exposure he gained to how Diaspora Organizations were run, the more diasporas he saw needed help in the society. However profoundly, centuries of evolution of Diaspora Organizations did not enable them to work much closer together.

In early 2020, Peter introduced the idea of virtual third party reporting to Police Scotland and advocated the idea in other parts of the UK to bridge more communication gaps for diasporas. Peter also helped facilitate in combining efforts of Diaspora Organizations when Covid-19 pandemic tried to do the opposite. This later led to the founding of Global Diaspora Confederation. In the UK, Peter advised on a number of nationwide and regional strategic groups in the areas of cross-country partnership, East and Southeast Asian communities, community safety, diaspora engagement, business and language.


Peter was named in the Platinum Jubilee Birthday Honour's List for his work for East and South East Asian communities in the UK. He received Alumni Award for Excellence in Achievement from Cranfield University and was previously nominated Charity Chair of the Year in the UK. Peter graduated at Imperial College and is a Freeman of the City of Glasgow.

Peter Kwok.jpg

Experience in Diaspora Work

Chair (2021-Present)

Global Diaspora Confederation

Chair (Present)

UK Federation of Chinese Professionals (UKFCP)

Interconnecting Southeast and East Asians in the UK (iSEA)

Young Chinese Professionals UK (YCP)

Cranfield China Alumni Association (CCAA)

Member of Advisory Board

Global Diaspora Summit

Former Honorary Roles

Association of Chinese Entrepreneurs in Scotland

Asian Association of Culture, Commerce and Education in Europe

Hong Kong Scotland Education Connection

Former Board Member 

Ricefield Chinese Arts & Cultural Centre, Scotland, UK


Peter Kwok

Kazeem Ojoye

Kazeem Ojoye is Treasurer of Global Diaspora Confederation. He is one of the first trustees of GDC since 2021 and joined as interim board member in 2020.

He was born in Nigeria where he lived a significant part of his life. He later moved to Germany in the early ’90s, where he attended secondary and higher education.

Kazeem has great passion and dedication for Charity, especially in Youth Development and Empowerment, which prompted him to the foundation of the YEESS Initiative. As the founder of YEESSI (Registered in Germany and Nigeria) his dream is to empower and enlighten as many Nigerian youths as possible.

Kazeem is also ex Financial Secretary of NIDO Germany and he is the Chairman of the Nigerian Community in Bavaria Germany since 2020.

Kazeem studied Informatics (Computer Engineering) at the Technical University of Munich TUM and worked for international and large Enterprises like BMW Group, UNICREDIT and now is a Senior IT Solution Architect at SKY (ComCast).

Kazeem Ojoye_.jpg

Experience in Diaspora Work

Treasurer (2021-Present)

Global Diaspora Confederation

Chairman (2020-Present)

Nigerian Community in Bavaria Germany

Founder and Chairman (2017-Present)

Youth Enlightenment Empowerment and Self-sustainability Initiative (YEESSI)

Financial Secretary (2015-Present)

Nigerians In Diaspora Organisation Europe (NIDOE) 

Financial Secretary (2006)  

Achievers e.V Germany


Financial Secretary (2004-Present)

​NIDO Germany                       


Kazeem Ojoye

Maria Dolores Delgado Cartay 

María is Secretary of Global Diaspora Confederation. She was one of the first supporters to GDC from the very beginning in 2020.


Born in Mérida, Venezuela, María has lived a significant part of her life in Venezuela, where she attended school and university. From an early age, she engaged in the promotion and defence of political rights and participation and assumed leadership as student representative at different council’s of her Alma Mater Universidad de Los Andes, where she obtained a degree in Forest engineering.


María’s career as environmental scientist has brought her to work in different countries and multi-cultural teams but also to act in politically sensitive contexts. For many years, María supported scientific collaborative work with complex partnerships, including industry, government staff, international agencies and NGOs. She currently works as EU Regulatory Affairs Project Manager in the Agrochemical Industry.


In 2004, María moved to Germany. Ever since she has actively worked promoting the right to vote of Venezuelans living abroad and protect the integrity of electoral processes. She also participated in the creation of a platform of German and Venezuelan citizens committed to the defence of democracy and human rights in Venezuela. This led later to the foundation of Pro Venezuela e.V., a civil association created in 2014 and from which María a founder member, acting as chairwoman until 2018 and as is vice chair to the present.


In her role within Pro Venezuela, María has helped in the creation of a collaborative network of Venezuelan diaspora organisations in Germany and Europe. In 2018, she organised the first workshop of Venezuelan diaspora organisations in Europe, with the goal of sharing good practices and promote activities to support the integration of Venezuelan migrants and refugees in their host communities. María has also collaborated with studies and programs on the Venezuelan diaspora and on diaspora organizations in Germany.


Experience in Diaspora Work

Secretary (2021-Present)

Global Diaspora Confederation


Vice chair (2018 - present)

Pro Venezuela e.V. – Germany


Founder Member and Chair (2014 – 2018)

Pro Venezuela e.V. - Germany



Maria Dolores Delgado Cartay 

Ekanath Khatiwada

Ekanath Khatiwada is a first trustee of Global Diaspora Confederation who joined as interim board member in 2020.


Ekanath is a development professional with an international profile, more than 20 years of experience both in Africa and Asia. He has been professionally associated with various international development agencies as well as UN agencies and implemented a wide range of development programs and projects including promoting various rural agribusiness enterprises, renewable energy enterprise technologies, tourism value chains, youth employment innovation fund and market-based approach.


​​Ekanath has been contributing towards the Nepali Diaspora - Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) movement in various leadership capacities including its foundation committee chairship. He also drafted MUNAA concept note for NRNA-APC committee. Ekanath also supports NRNA to promote NRNA partnership globally.

He is Founding Member of Nexus Institute for Research and Innovation (NIRI) and Editorial Board Member of Inderscience. In addition, he has also played an important role to mobilize 1 million US Dollars resources from ILO for COVID-19 Response to Nepali Migrant Workers in the Middle East countries.

Ekanath is an MBA graduate from TU Nepal and MSc graduate from Edinburgh Business School of Heriot-Watt University UK on Strategic Planning. He has contributed to the development and dissemination (including publishing) of various best practice models of the private sector and youth entrepreneurship development.

He is Honorary Member of Rotary Club of Nkwazi, Zambia and a Watt Legend nominated on the 200 years anniversary of Heriot Watt University in Scotland, UK.

Ekanath Khatiwada.png

Experience in Diaspora Work

Trustee (2021-Present)

Global Diaspora Confederation

Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) 

​Chair, NRNA Foundation Committee (2019-2021)

Honorary Member, International Coordination Council (2017-2019)

​Advisor, International Coordination Council (2015-2017)

Deputy Regional Coordinator for Africa (2013-2015)

Member, International Coordination Council (2011-2013)                


General Secretary NCC Zambia (2009-2011)


Ekanath Khatiwada

Felix Amoako Boampong

Felix Amoako Boampong began his diaspora journey when he studied in Hamburg, Germany, having lived in Ghana. 


While studying in Hamburg, he identified his passion to support the growth of the Ghanaian diaspora structures in Hamburg. He became convinced that a more structured diaspora communities can contribute enormously to the development of their home countries. He started by volunteering for Ghana Union Hamburg and later became the Deputy General Secretary for the Union. 


During his time as the Deputy General Secretary, he supported with restructuring of the Ghana Union Hamburg. In the restructuring, he led the project development team to grow the development cooperation portfolio of the Association. 


Felix currently works with the German Sparkassenstiftung for Development Cooperation.  and he has had experience working with several diaspora communities and associations in enhancing the capacity of the associations and its members. He is now working at the country office of the German Sparkassenstiftung for Development Cooperation to strengthen the Credit Union Associations in The Gambia. 

Felix Boampong.jpg
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