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What we do

GDC brings together the efforts and voices of Member Diaspora Organizations to further support their communities

We harness the combined effort of Diaspora Organizations for global diaspora

Every day, in so many ways, Diaspora Organizations make an incredible difference for their diaspora communities. It is our ambition to become their pillar of support and we welcome all diaspora stakeholders to be part of our GDC family.

For many years, diaspora organizations have been behind the scenes and seldom noticed, providing essential support to their communities.


We work with our members to build community resilience and promote unity through diversity


We work with our members to tackle the challenges faced by the global diaspora


We work with our members to create more opportunities for communities and societies

We believe there are over 200,000 dedicated Diaspora Organizations, reaching out to support as many as 270 million people across the world. Our mission is to combine and leverage as much of their endeavours as possible.

On the right, you will see the UN Sustainable Development Goals GDC also contributes to.

Please feel free to give the goals your

organization also contributes to a heart



No one Diaspora Organization is the same. We harness this positive difference to facilitate cross-learning between Member Diaspora Organizations for the benefit of global diasporas. We believe sharing with and learning from each other enable more diaspora communities to be better supported.

We bring together Diaspora Organizations to exchange best practices.

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While Diaspora Organizations focus primarily on supporting communities within their geographical affiliations, sometimes the challenges they face may require support from a global level. We work with Diaspora Organizations on their major challenges and mobilize resources where possible to offer assistance.

We innovate global solutions that can be deployed 

locally by Diaspora Organizations.

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Amongst the 270 million people of diasporas, a significant portion are still in a vulnerable condition. Due to unforeseen tragedies such as natural disasters and climate change, they are forced to flee with no food, clean water, shelter, belongingsand transportation. Many encounter health emergencies without access to any health services. It is not uncommon to learn how ordinary civilians despair because of having no rights to remain in their countries of destination. They are often unable to share their feelings due to language barriers. ​Humanitarian assistance for vulnerable diasporas is always GDC’s priority.


We facilitate cooperation between diaspora stakeholders for positive change.

Diaspora Organizations are at the forefront of community outreach. Therefore, at GDC, we facilitate coordination, cooperation and communication for them with partners such as humanitarian actors, government departments and UN agencies.

Whether you are an established or a new Diaspora Organization, we invite you to join GDC. Together, we can do more to improve the quality of life for diasporas across the world. We are a global movement to help our world to recognize the importance of Diaspora Organizations. Throughout the centuries, Diaspora Organizations have dedicated themselves to support so many people in need, especially during tough times. We know every Diaspora Organization also provides a community to which diasporas can belong. While they focus on supporting them, we focus on creating more opportunities for Diaspora Organizations


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We connect the world’s largest network of Diaspora Organizations.

By coordinating, communicating and cooperating with Diaspora Organizations, we strengthen global community cohesion that our world of diversity desperately needs.

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