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Inauguration of Ulpiana Forum

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

On 16 November 2023, the inaugural Ulpiana Forum (UF) was successfully launched in Prishtina, Kosovo over the course of three days. With over 200 diaspora organization leaders, academia and young diasporas, stakeholders coming together, the Ulpiana Forum has created an instrumental platform for multi-stakeholder dialogue and practice sharing on holistic and sustainable approaches to diaspora engagement.

The Forum was opened by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Republic of Kosovo with keynote speech given by Kingsley Aikins from the Networking Institute. This year's theme explored how partnership amongst states and diaspora engagement contribute to addressing critical global issues such as security, climate change and artificial intelligence that encourage enlightening discussions for greater impact.

At the panel to discuss the role of AI on diaspora engagement, Peter Kwok, GDC Chair highlighted the need to take appropriate precaution in embracing artificial intelligence as it has its own risks as well as opportunities. He also further commented that while diaspora mapping, resource mobilization particularly on humanitarian, remittances enabled by fintech are great opportunities AI can support, it is also important to remember AI safety that policies need to catch up with at such rapid pace of AI evolution. The Forum also saw Ekanath Khatiwada, GDC Board Member who shared his insights at another panel on diaspora & humanitarian development peace nexus. Mr Khatiwada represented his own diaspora organization Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) and discussed how this links to generating impact across climate, humanitarian, security, and youth. Other notable diaspora organization leaders also present at the forum include Dr Martin Russell, Founder of Global Diaspora Insights, Anila Hyka Smørgra, Co-Chair of GERMIN, Fridah Ntarangwi-Kimathi, Managing Director at Zidi Circle, Paul Asquith, Director at Shabaka who will all be speaking at the upcoming inaugural Global Diaspora Forum during Global Diaspora Week 2023 in December. Senior government representatives and experts from 21 countries attended the forum also contributing to the enlightening discussions at different panels. Guests who stayed on to the final day also visited Ulpiana archaeological site and Children's Museum. We would like to warmly congratulate the Deputy Prime Minister Donika Gërvalla Schwarz and Deputy Minister Lisa Gashi, and the entire team at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Republic of Kosovo for the success of Ulpiana Forum, which enabled diaspora contributions towards sustainable development GDC strives to empower and promote. As the conversation on diaspora engagement continues, join us at the upcoming Global Diaspora Week happening virtually from 8-14 December, 2023. We will be delving deeper into discussions on ‘Global Partnership’ linking to SDG17 as an avenue to accelerate all other Sustainable Development Goals. For further information and to register for the GDWeek, please visit #GlobalDiasporaConfederation #DiasporaEngagement #UlpianaForum2023 #DiasporaPartnership

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