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Global Diaspora Virtual Exchange 2023

How GDVE started:

In 2020, iDiaspora coordinated three global exchanges with members of the diaspora responding to the pandemic. Through these virtual dialogues, different actors involved in the development of diasporic initiatives in America, Europe, Africa, and Asia were able to learn and share relevant experience to better include their members when responding to the global health crisis. These events convened nearly 300 stakeholders including diaspora leaders, policymakers, academics, and social workers interested in learning more about how diasporas responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first global diaspora exchanges contributed to the better understanding of diaspora engagement on three different levels. First, as a result of these events, it was possible to identify the different ways that transnational communities responded to the global pandemic through prevention, protection, relief, and recovery interventions. Second, during these sessions, participants shared a set of good practices in diaspora engagement based on connections, partnerships, and self-empowerment. Finally, through these discussions, participants were able to identify synergies and concrete collaboration opportunities.

GDC partnering with IOM on GDVE:

In 2023, in response to the consultations held during the Global Diaspora Week 2022, organised by the Global Diaspora Confederation a request was made by diaspora organizations to keep supporting diaspora communities to boost their capacities for development. As a result, the 2023 Global Exchanges will focus on enhancing communication techniques, strategies and tools across the different phases of project management. By providing concrete strategies on how to enhance their communication skills, consider strategic techniques and implement new tools, stakeholders will be able to maximise the impact of their transnational initiatives.

The Global Diaspora Virtual Exchanges led by IOM - iDiaspora, the Global Diaspora Confederation (GDC), GRFDT and the Migration Youth and Children Platform (MYCP) is a unique space where diasporas share best practices at the global level and collaborate with each other to empower themselves and other diaspora leaders and organizations as development actors.

General Objectives of the 2023 Global Exchanges:

• Continue contributing to the self-mobilization and empowerment of diasporas by providing a

space for sharing, coordination, and collaboration between different diaspora communities

around the world.

• Boost diaspora engagement for development by providing concrete advise and insights on how to enhance their diaspora communications skills, how to craft and implement strategic

messages and how to use effective and new tools.

• Foster peer-learning among members of the diaspora from different generations through short


• Identify key lessons and best practices on the key topics self-identified by diasporas that will

enable them to enhance their skills in strategic communication and learn how to use new

digital technologies across the project cycle of their own initiatives.

The Global Diaspora Virtual Exchanges will be held in 3 session on the following dates:

Impactful Skills – 22 March 2023

Effective Strategies – 17 April 2023

Innovative Tools – 3 May 2023

GDC's Vice Chair will be giving the closing remarks at Session 1 followed by co-moderating by our Board Secretary and Treasurer at Session 3. GDC Secretariat will also be assisting at the wonderful events.

To register, please click on the link:

We look forward to seeing you at this year's exchanges.

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