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International Migration Review Forum May, 2022

Updated: May 18, 2022

We need to create more solidarity to focus on two words that can never be taken for granted - trust building. We build trust by delivering impact, and Diaspora Organizations are one of the best benchmarks for measuring and monitoring impact”- Mr. Peter Kwok, GDC Chair

The Global Diaspora Confederation (GDC) represented by the chair Mr. Peter Kwok, is glad to be participating at the ongoing International Migration Review Forum (IMRF) taking place at the UN headquarters in New York. The GDC chair at the forum during his speech mentioned that, now more than ever, the need to involve migrants and diaspora organizations at all levels with key stakeholders for the implementation of the Global Compact for Migration (GCM) cannot be overemphasized. There are different challenges migrants face today and now is the time to connect and scale up all the good practices for the whole of society. There is need to apply working approaches on new and existing action plans and frameworks, so that we can be pragmatically ready for the new norms and for immediate humanitarian responses.

Mr. Kwok speaking at the Multi stakeholder hearing highlighted stakeholders contributions towards GCM over the past few months, including the 160 diaspora organizations from GDC’s first Global Diaspora Assembly held last year. Having listened to these stakeholders contributions, we can summarize that there are desperate needs for global, regional and national coordinations because many stakeholders continually work in silos on diaspora and migrant issues. Diaspora Organizations are not only the implementers of the GCM Objective 19, but also beneficiaries. They are not only the advocate for their diaspora communities, but also your critical friends.

The Global Diaspora Confederation as the umbrella-led global initiative for diaspora organizations recommends that the global, regional and national coordination are improved. In addition, facilitate capacity building mechanisms for sustainable development and migration while further strengthening synergies with diaspora organizations such as harnessing the iDiaspora platform, Migration Network Hub and Migration Multi-Partner Trust Fund.

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