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Hybrid Event on Strengthening Mapping Capacities and Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance with Diaspora Organizations

On the 8th of May 2024, The International Organization for Migration (IOM) convened a transformative workshop focused on Strengthening Mapping Capacities and Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance with Diaspora Organizations. This pioneering event brought together key stakeholders and experts dedicated to leveraging the immense potential of diaspora communities in humanitarian efforts worldwide.

Hosted by IOM, the workshop featured a distinguished lineup of speakers, each offering unique perspectives and insights into diaspora engagement and its pivotal role in humanitarian assistance. From USAID's Ranu Nath to Dr. Larisa Lara and Abigail Maristela both representatives from the International Organization for Migration( IOM) and Global Diaspora Confederation (GDC)’s Elnura Omurkulova-Ozierska, the session promised a comprehensive exploration of strategies and frameworks aimed at enhancing coordination and effectiveness in humanitarian responses.

Ranu Nath’s opening remarks set the tone for the day's discussions. She provided a glimpse into the vital importance of diaspora engagement in humanitarian assistance efforts, particularly in light of evolving global challenges.

In their respective roles, Dr. Lara,  Abigail, and Elnura shed light on the critical importance of diaspora engagement in humanitarian efforts. Dr. Lara delved into the intricacies of diaspora engagement, emphasizing its profound impact and multifaceted contributions, while Abigail introduced a strategic framework aimed at fostering coordination and partnerships in the humanitarian landscape. Elnura highlighted the imperative of empowering diaspora organizations as frontline responders. Together, their insights underscored the vital role of diaspora communities in shaping effective humanitarian responses.

The session further explored practical tools and methodologies with Dr. Lara's overview of the Mapping Toolkit.

Concluding the workshop, Dr. Lara delivered closing remarks, summarizing the key takeaways and insights gathered throughout the day's discussions, setting the stage for continued collaboration and action.

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