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Our heartfelt thanks to IOM on 70th Anniversary

Our heartfelt thanks to an international organization that has done so much for the global diaspora.

Sending our wishes and thanks for IOM's 70 years of diaspora support and engagement

On 6th December 2021, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) will be turning 70 years old.

Looking back to all those years when IOM began its journey to help millions of diaspora and migrants, it is truly remarkable. There are so many international organizations in the world also contribute significantly to the global diaspora and IOM has been playing a key role. In 2016, IOM joined the UN and became United Nations Migration Agency, continuing to making migration work for all.

We may not realize how much work IOM has done but a good example to tell is that the Global Diaspora Confederation would not have been possible without the help from colleagues of IOM since the very beginning. As IOM is very busy as always, we thought of initiating this opportunity to share our thanks to everyone at IOM.

It is very fortunate that we have an intergovernmental organization that focuses just on helping diasporas. As the world experiences unprecedented challenges, there are still so many vulnerable diasporas and migrants needing help. We are determined to continue to work with our wonderful diaspora partner in the years to come and play our instrumental role as diaspora for all.

We wish IOM and all 10,000+ IOM colleagues Happy 70th Anniversary.

Thank you for everything you have done for the global diaspora.

This is solely GDC initiative as we know IOM is working so hard at the moment for diasporas. We will be compiling your thanks and wishes and send them to the IOM Director General.

If you would like to take part by sharing a few words, please fill in the form below:

Your sharing may also be published on social media to inspire many more people helping the global diaspora.

Thank you for your kind support in advance.

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