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Happy International Migrants Day & Happy 1st Global Diaspora Assembly Successful Day.

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

On this occasion of the International Migrants Day which coincides with the end of our Global Diaspora week with the Global Diaspora Assembly, we would like to take this chance to celebrate our success alongside all migrant communities.

Migration has contributed to shaping the world. It is a defining part of many countries Identity, where different cultures, languages, and talents meet. Migration and mobility spread knowledge, contribute to growth and innovation. Some people moved by choice while others were forced to be displaced from their homes. Regardless of the reason, by creating the opportunity, migrants can always contribute positively to their adopted and native countries and integrate into the society. For this Diaspora, Organizations play a very important role in making such opportunities possible.

Our sincere gratitude to all the wonderful diaspora organization leaders, representatives, and supporters for coming together to make the world's first Global Diaspora Assembly a huge success; thank you so much to IOM - UN Migration Director-General Mr. Antonio Vitorino, IOM - UN Migration Deputy Director-General Ms. Ugochi Daniels, all IOM keynote speakers on our six continental days, GDC Chair Peter Kwok and all board of trustees, GDC volunteers, DO supporters and partners that showed their support, thank you for making this dream a reality.

We hereby announce that the Global Diaspora Confederation is officially established and we look forward to a bright future ahead.

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