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Global Diaspora Week Africa Day

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Diaspora Organizations are key actors in development with the leverage of resources, knowledge, and skills to contribute to their local Diaspora communities. But sometimes due to communication gaps and unfamiliarity of relevant policies and opportunities in home countries, their contributions to wealth and employment creation can be limited from reaching full potential.

GDC aims to connect with Diaspora Organizations in playing a role of advocacy and support for their work towards contributing to the achievement of the SDGs.

Continent by continent, country by country, Diaspora Organizations are faced with varying challenges. How we can further facilitate Diaspora Organizations to work with partners for practical solutions lies at the heart of the Global Diaspora Confederation

Thank you Dedovic Tanja from the IOM - UN Migration, all Diaspora Organization Leaders, GDC Trustee from Germany Kazeem Ojoye, and all GDC representatives for an impactful and insightful Consultation meeting on our Africa Day. Looking forward to Europe day today!

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