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Global Diaspora Summit 2022

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

On 1, 4 and 5 April 2022, IOM, in partnership with the Government of Ireland and other lead participating states, has co-hosted the Global Diaspora Summit (GDS) with the purpose to assist States and partners in taking stock of achievements vis-à-vis Objective 19 as a contribution towards the quadrennial International Migration Review Forum happening in May 2022.

The GDS aimed at delivering a collaborative vision and programme of progress for governments and other stakeholders through meaningful and structured dialogue with diaspora and transnational communities. The Summit embraced the vision of whole of government and whole of society approaches to diaspora empowerment in order to give attendees the opportunity to robustly chart a new vision and agenda at the highest political level to enhance the importance of engaging with transnational communities as agents and accelerators of sustainable development.

On 4th April, GDC Chair virtually presented to over ministers and head of delegations from over 20 countries. The presentation summarized the six continental days of high-level consultations during the Global Diaspora Week in December 2021. Through the Summit, the world has directly heard about the vital contributions of diaspora organizations across six continents towards UN Sustainable Development Goals and Global Compact for Migration particularly Objective 19.

Some of the recommendations GDC has put forward included:

- Moving away from traditional diaspora engagement and start harnessing technology

- Quantifying and recognizing diasporas and diaspora organizations’ efforts'

- More opportunities to contribute to policy development and consultations

- Supporting the global efforts in building diaspora organization community

- Fostering more trust and capacity building activities

- Promoting transparency in responding to and providing more resources for diasporic needs

The session was moderated in person by Ms Laura De La Fuente, President of Irish Chapter at Red Global MX. The session also saw Executive Director of ADEPT and First Vice President of Ukrainian World Congress contributing to pivotal diaspora engagement.

The Summit welcomed Side Events on the first day where IOM and UNDP co-hosted the 'Diaspora Engagement in Times of Crisis: Contributions and Coordination at the Intersection of Humanitarian Assistance and Development' event. The Summit was also supported by GDC that Chinwe Oguamanam, its Global Diaspora Humanitarian Hub Manager shared on the panel about emergency progress on GDC's Ukraine humanitarian response. On the same day, GDC was also invited to share insights and ideas at one of the Summit's event led by Amelia Komaisavai, Director of Immigration Department of the Government of Fiji.

GDC wholeheartedly congratulates IOM, the Government of Ireland and all co-hosts that have made Global Diaspora Summit 2022 a great success, the opportunity to globally advocate for diaspora organizations across the world, contribute its consultation impact from Global Diaspora Week, and address the urgent humanitarian needs for Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian diasporas, timely before GDC's second Humanitarian Forum meeting on 9th April and the International Migration Review Forum in May 2022.

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