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GDC Response on Turkey and Syria Earthquakes

The Global Diaspora Confederation expresses its deepest condolences and solidarity with the people in Turkey and Syria after a number of destructive earthquakes hit both countries. In addition, there are currently millions depending on humanitarian assistance and displaced. At the height of this harsh winter, lack of shelter, food, water and medical facilities is making rescue work even more challenging.

The GDC’s new Global Diaspora Humanitarian Hub has now set up the Emergency Response Team and reached out to Turkish and Syrian diaspora organizations we are in touch with. We are currently working closely with International Organization for Migration (IOM) as our focal point for humanitarian actors while we also reach out to partners for more support.

We want to thank many diaspora organizations that have already stepped up to help. In addition to our outreach effort, our Emergency Response Team is currently setting up the Global Diaspora Humanitarian Forum on Turkey and Syria Response. Harnessing the valuable experiences from last year’s forum on Ukraine Response, we once again bring together diaspora organizations to address the challenges, needs and strengthen cooperation globally.

We are aware that the UN is providing urgent relief items, including shelter, winter clothing, mobile heaters, and blankets to those in need. Hence the GDC appeals for common efforts to contribute to the soonest recovery of affected communities.

Our thoughts are with people of Turkey and Syria and all diasporas in need in the world.

Please see below the links for donations for both countries:








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