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GDC-IOM Workshop, August 2023

In August, the Global Diaspora Confederation (GDC), in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), organized two workshops focusing on the roles, challenges, and opportunities of diaspora organizations around the world. This event was attended by over 55 IOM Regional and Country Offices, setting the stage for fruitful dialogue and fostering a collaborative spirit.

Key Discussions and Outcomes

The workshop provided a platform for participants to discuss the numerous ways diaspora organizations (DO) bridge their home countries with host nations. They play pivotal roles in sectors such as development initiatives, humanitarian assistance, and identity preservation. However, DOs also face challenges in their work. Some challenges highlighted during discussions included limited resources, difficulties in maintaining visibility and engagement, and data collection complexities. Moreover, the importance of understanding DO’s challenges on visibility, for instance, was a recurring theme. There was also exciting talk of upcoming projects, such as those utilizing statistics and potential projects related to women's diaspora and expanding their network. These insights suggest a promising horizon of collaboration and eagerness to continue nurturing partnerships with GDC.

Moving Forward

Several innovative solutions emerged from the discussions, emphasizing the potential of a unified platform for DOs. This platform would champion the sharing of resources, knowledge, and best practices. The need for capacity building, such as training programs tailored to DOs’ needs, was also evident. Furthermore, the importance of policy advocacy and coordinated approaches to engage with governments was also underscored. IOM's involvement underscored its commitment to understanding and collaborating with diasporas, a testament to the growing recognition of these organizations' significance on the global stage. Meanwhile, GDC showcased its role as the main convener and support system for diaspora organizations, emphasizing the potential of these communities when united and supported. In conclusion, the workshop was a pivotal step towards a brighter future for diaspora organizations. As more such dialogues happen and collaborations grow, the diaspora community is set to make an even more profound impact on the global socio-economic and cultural landscape.

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