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Opportunity for Diaspora Organizations

We connect with other diaspora organizations and support collaborations to achieve the same goals and learn from each other. 

Diasporas come from all walks of life. Look around yourself, you may come across friends and families who are diaspora. Look further, you may even find out you are one too. Diaspora is when anyone has relocated from one country to another while still links with their country of origin.


There are over two hundred million diaspora across the world, some have gone through generation after generation, some have relocated purposefully or unwillingly, some do not have access to basic needs, while some enjoy their careers and ambitions coming to fruition. There is no human difference between diaspora and non-diaspora except we have even more inspiring cultures, globalcivic experiences and countless economic opportunities to harnessand celebrate that enrich our remarkably interconnected world today. 

Since 2020, the Global Diaspora Confederation (GDC) has taken up an important mission of uniting, supporting, developing and promoting diaspora organisations across the world for global diaspora.

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