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Humanitarian Assistance Meeting

In 2021, the UN International Organization for Migration (IOM) has developed a Global Framework to strengthen diaspora’s engagement in humanitarian assistance, through a more streamlined coordination, communication and cooperation between Humanitarian actors and diasporas.


Consultations were carried out. Findings showed that Diaspora Organizations play a key role in implementing the framework for diasporas. It was also proposed that a humanitarian hub as a global focal point can effectively help Diaspora Organizations address and respond to the diasporic challenges and needs.

As the facilitator of the global sector of Diaspora Organizations, GDC and IOM are partnering to develop the Global Humanitarian Hub.

At this initial phase, we would like to invite all Diaspora Organizations and partners interested in humanitarian assistance to join our first meeting to discuss the way forward.

Please use our contact us form here to sign up

Global Diaspora Week

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13 December 2021

High Level Consultation Session (1 hour)


UTC / GMT:   3pm - 4pm

The HA1 meeting is open to all diaspora organizations, partners and experts interested in humanitarian assistance.


Introduction to Global Diaspora Confederation 

Peter Kwok, Chair of GDC

Humanitarian Development Nexus

Marina Manke, Head of Labour Mobility and Human Development, UN IOM

Vision of Humanitarian Hub and Internal Coordination

Magalie Emilie-Baker, Co-founder, Haiti Renewal Alliance

Discussion - 20 minutes

Next Steps - 10 mins

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