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Helping Hands

Welcome to the GDC Academy

The GDC Academy offers volunteers, opportunities to work and gain knowledge from global renowned partners in different subject areas of their chosen fields. The GDC also provides support groups for learning and development throughout a volunteers stay.

Want to become a Volunteer?

At the GDC, we are constantly on the look out for partners who are inspired to build. Because we are global, Our partner networks allow us to brainstorm and build with individuals from different continents, who are enthused about bringing their A game to help those in need. Are you inspired? Are you ready to build with us? Visit the GDC Learning and Development page to find out the road map we have set out for all our intending volunteers for the 2021 cohort. 

Opportunity for Diaspora Organizations

At the GDC, we care about our volunteers. While they collaborate and share their different skill sets, we provide an engaging environment where learning forms the foundation of our progress. We ensure our team leaders provide the needed leadership while volunteers learn through and find their confidence, collaborating with other volunteers. So far, we have a volunteer workforce with a huge diversity inclusion from Africa, The Middle East, Far East and The West.

Opportunities for Volunteers

Diasporas come from all walks of life. Look around yourself, you may come across friends and families who are diaspora. Look further, you may even find out you are one too. Diaspora is when anyone has relocated from one country to another while still links with their country of origin. There are over two hundred million diaspora across the world, some have gone through generation after generation, some have relocated purposefully or unwillingly, some do not have access to basic needs, while some enjoy their careers and ambitions coming to fruition. There is no human difference between diaspora and non-diaspora except we have even more inspiring cultures, globalcivic experiences and countless economic opportunities to harnessand celebrate that enrich our remarkably interconnected world today. 

Since 2020, the Global Diaspora Confederation (GDC) has taken up an important mission of uniting, supporting, developing and promoting diaspora organisations across the world for global diaspora.

The GDC Principles

GDC mission is driven by four principles:

  • Diasporic impact-oriented.

  • Operational excellence.

  • Passion for innovation.

  • Long term partnership.


Builds rapport and engages to share knowledge and skills. Builds partnerships and achieves results

Takes Ownership

Is accountable, showing pride for what we do and communicates our purpose with clarity


Is proactive and responsive in supporting an agile culture, demonstrating a learning mindset, respecting and collaborating with others with a focus on delivering value and adapting to change. 


Understand our environment and has a commercial and financial mind-set, ensure all activities deliver added value.

Our principles can use this as an example

Our Culture – Realising possibilities through volunteering

  • Placing the needs of diaspora organisations first.

  • Focusing on diaspora innovation and impact.

  • Enhancing credibility by fostering trust & mutualadmiration by doing the right thing.

  • Being respectful and thoughtful in our interaction with others.

  • Creating solidarity by deriving strength from diversity.

  • Takingownership for highest standards of work andoutcomes through sustained passion.

  • Promotingfrugality by relying on volunteerism andpartnership.

  • Sustaining balance between GDC, work and life.

Can you see yourself in one of our teams?

Perhaps we can include 21 boxes that can be hovered to show a line about each team within each box?

How far will your diasporic journey go?

Whether you are a diaspora or not, volunteering with us enables you to directly impact the global diaspora community. 


Along your volunteering journey with us, you will see how your fellow volunteerprofessionals transform themselves into problem solvers, partnership facilitators, community developers, trust builders, humanitarian coordinators, all for the common purpose – to support global diaspora in every possible way we can.


By doing so, we support diaspora organizations across the world. We welcome you to join us on this meaning journey of global diasporic movement. 

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