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Stand Strong with Global Diaspora Confederation

At Global Diaspora Confederation, working together and standing as one are at the forefront of our efforts. We are a dedicated Non-Governmental Organization fighting for the rights of our community members, forming successful partnerships and negotiating better working conditions. Learn more about the impact we have and how we inspire positive change.

Job Opportunities: Welcome

Learning and Development

Volunteers are welcome to learn and partner with us along this journey, the benefits of joining the Diaspora conference are limitless, but also include a variety of administrative perks, brainstorming and working with bright minds, opportunity to be part of a global community with a specific goal where you can grow a network. For the 2021 cohort, we are launching two global diaspora programs with each lasting for 1 year (Member) and 6 months (Associates). Please visit the job vacancy pages to see the open roles available to apply for. Good luck!

Working on Stairs

How Our Volunteers Collaborate

We have developed collaborative and effective means by which our volunteers use to collaborate with their peers. We group them into teams. Within this team structure, there are team leads and team supervisors who ensure synergy across the team structure. The entire project team works across several location and time zones. We make it a point of note to ensure comfort and ethics are enshrined within the team. We also provide a communication means to which volunteers can share ideas, interact and give updates while volunteering.

How Our Volunteers can engage with each other

At the Global Diaspora Academy, we aim to build a community where volunteers not just fit into but belong to. We harness cultural and professional diversity to create a globally collaborative atmosphere for open innovation and volunteer engagement. 

In addition to induction and learning, team specific activities organized for volunteers to meet each other, we take time to give updates, share challenges, tell stories and celebrate successes of our volunteers like one big family. Find out more:

LinkedIn, Twitter, IG, Facebook…..

The GDC L&D Benefits 

At GDC Academy volunteers go through a structured programme aimed at furthering their career, professional networks and skill development as they contribute towards the delivery of GDC’s goals.


The 2 routes into the GDC Academy are through:


The Membership Programme– 1 Year

The Associate Programme– 6months


Both programmes are work-intense, engaging and provide good opportunities to develop strong professional skills and network.

What to Expect 

We focus our energy on key success metrics which are 

  1. Responsibility

  2. L&D

  3. Program outcomes

Our Volunteers are expected to be able to participate in supporting the teams with day to day activities, working with diversee teams on projects, learning and understanding leadership programs. Depending on the Cohort, a volunteer signing up to be on the program for 6 months will be getting an experience letter, while a volunteer staying on for 1 year gets a certificate of bearing the GDC Academy.

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