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Hello there, let's get you started!

The Global Diaspora Academy recruits global volunteers for GDC Secretariat, which operates the Global Diaspora Confederation. Our Secretariat comprises 4 departments and 21 executive teams. When volunteers join the Academy, you will be assigned to one of our teams where your skills are most needed.

Learn by contributing

Volunteering with GDC is a unique experience. By going through a volunteering programme that enhances your ability to adapt to change and continuous improvement, you will find ways to impact in a global virtual environment. These could differ greatly from your career workplace. You could be teaming up with and learning from your fellow GDC team members from all cultural backgrounds; or applying your professional skills to tackle real life challenges seizing opportunities for diaspora organizations. 


The Global Diaspora Academy is purposefully founded to inspire all volunteers to learn with each other through contributing, planting the seed of humility, which makes us GDC.

Ready to Apply?

At Global Diaspora Academy, we offer two volunteering programmes – membership (1 year) and associate (6 months). Our online application form is designed to help us learn about your passion and for you to know what we look for.


Q: Can I transition from an associate programme to a membership?

A: Yes, upon completion of an associate programme you can extend your work by transferring to a membership programme and completing the additional six months.


Q: How do I transition to a membership programme?

A: To transition, notify your Team Lead two months before the end of your associate programme. Your Team Lead will then discuss your current performance with the appropriate authorities and provide relevant feedback.


Q: How does the transition process work?

A: In transitioning from one programme to another, an addendum to your current contract

will be issued to you which will recognize the transition. Upon completion of your

programme, you receive the GDC certificate.


Q: What happens if I am not able to complete the programme?

A: In the event that a volunteer is unable to complete a programme due to other

commitments or if termination occurs the before the programme duration, GDC will be unable to provide any form of work evidence.

The Recruitment Process!

Week one: Submitting your online application form (30 minutes+) 

Week two-three: Shortlist and Select

Week four: Onboarding and Team allocation

Week five: Your programme begins

Please before you are about to apply, read the and fill the online application form here:

Our thanks to you


At GDC, the two important elements we are looking for are time and passion. If you manage to read up to this point, you surely have that passion.

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